[January AD 1889]


Eakring Parish Magazine



‘The Church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth’ I. TIM iii 15


‘Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the Saints’ S Jude 3


Parish Church of S. Andrew


HOLY COMMUNION – Every Sunday at 8 am; but on the first Sunday of each month after the Morning Service.  On Christmas Day, Easter Day, Whitsunday, and Trinity Sunday two Celebrations, one at 8am and the other at mid-day.


BAPTISMS – On the second Sunday in the month, at the 3 o’clock service.


MATTINS – Sundays 10.30am ; Weekdays 10 am


EVENSONG – Sundays 6.30 pm ; Weekdays 7 pm


CHILDREN’S SERVICES – 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 3 pm


CHURCHINGS – Before any service.  There is no fee, but an offering is usually made, as directed by the Prayer Book.


In the Parish Room:


MISSIONARY MEETINGS – 3rd Sunday in each month at 3 pm

SUNDAY SCHOOL – 9.30 am and 2 pm

CLOTHING CLUB – 12 to 1 every other Monday

LENDING LIBRARY – 4 to 5 pm every other Wednesday


VISITATION OF THE SICK – On information being given to the Rector.





Mr John Hurt, Mr Thomas Burne – Churchwardens


Mr W T Burne, Organist

Mr S Broome, Parish Clerk and Sexton


Magazine printed by John Whittingham, Printer, Southwell

Our Words and Work for Eakring January 1889


The Editor has to apologise to the readers and supporters of our Parish Magazine for the very late appearance of the first number of the New Year – may it bring much happiness and many blessings to all!

On entering on its seventh year of existence the Eakring Parish Magazine has cause for gratitude for the many friends and supporters it has met with, and the kindly interest which those living many miles away have taken in its records of sayings and doings at the place of its origin.  It may well hope, we think, that as long as there are events of sufficient interest to record, and its friends through various causes become more scattered, the interest in its records and the support given to it will rather increase than diminish.


Church Statistics – We are glad to find that the Services at the Parish Church continue to be appreciated, as will be seen from the following figures which compare favourably with the statistics of the previous year.

                                                            Advent 1887-Advent 1888                   Advent 1886 to Advent 1887

10.30am Service, Adults                       45                                                        46

10.30am Service, Children                    32                                                        34

Evensong 6.30, Adults              89                                                        75

3 and 6.30pm, Children                        43                                                        40

10.30, 3.00 & 6.30, Adults                  134                                                      121

10.30, 3.00 & 6.30, Children               76                                                        75

Whole Sunday, Adults              145                                                      -

Whole Sunday, Children                       76                                                        -

Communicants, Sundays only                558                                                      475

Sundays and other Holy Days               629                                                      562

Average (Sundays only)                        11                                                        10

Average (Sundays and other

Holy Days)                                           11                                                        11

Offertory Collections                            £49 15s 5¼d                                        £45 8s 5½d

Offertory Sundays                                £42 5s 11¾d                                        £36 3s 1½d

Sunday Average                                   £0 15s 11½d                                        £0 13s 10d

Confirmed                                            6 male, 4 female                                   6 male, 7 female


Christmastide – Our Christmas services were, as usual well attended, and the Church nicely decorated.  Not only was there a large Congregation at Evensong, but there were good Congregations also in the morning and more Communicants than has been known before at Christmas.  On the Sunday after Christmas there was a larger congregation at Evensong than on Christmas Day, and at the Midnight Service on New Years Eve, there were nearly twice as many as the year previous.


Christmas Examination at the Board School – The following children were successful in the Competition for Prizes offered by the Master (Mr Speight) at an examination conducted by him at our Eakring Board School, 20th ult.  Total marks attainable in Standards iv, v, vi, vii – 85


Standard VII                                        Standard VI                                         Standard V

1. Annie Palin 56                                  1. MA Burne  63                                  1. Edith Garland   55               

2. Albert Walker  31                            2. Elizabeth White  33                           2. Fred Colton  42


Standard IV                                         Standard III                                          Standard I

1. Jessie Walker  65                             Marks obtainable 75                             Marks obtainable 75

2. Sarah Hutchinson  58                        1. Lucy Dobb  56                                 1. Geo Robinson  59

                                                            2. Walter Ellis  48                                 2. Ethel Palin  41


Standard I (Marks Obtainable 50)        Infants’ Class

1. Alice Drabble  33                             1. Walter Rayworth

2. Ada White  30                                  2. John W Walker

The Registers



Dec 9th, Francis Rose, daughter of Frank and Emily Scorey

Dec 9th, James, son of John and Ellen Osborne

Dec 9th, Richard, illegitimate son of Mary Hurt



Dec 7th, Richard Cooper, aged 83 years

Our Words and Work for Eakring February 1889


Church Supper and Entertainment – Our Annual Gathering of Church Workers and Church Attenders has grown to such dimensions that this year the Rector was obliged to engage the Board School to accommodate his guests, and even then there was barely room.  After the wants of the inner man had been attended to (much credit being due to the cook who had so well calculated for so large a number) the room was rearranged for the concert that followed, which was conducted by our old friend Mr Cruft; Mr W T Burne accompanying most of the songs and playing an introductory piece.  Mr Norman kindly assisted with his song ‘Catching the Eye of the Speaker’ which met with most enthusiastic applause.  The rest of the performers were our own Eakring people and chiefly members of the Choir, who cannot but have been pleased with the reception they met from the audience, who applauded loudly and demanded several encores.

A short address was given by the Rector, the key-note of which was ‘Unity’ and the Church as the centre of unity.  He expressed his gratification at the way in which the people in the Parish had been drawn to their mother Church and had learned to appreciate her services, and his desire to promote in every way the best interests of his parishioners.  Mr Cruft in proposing a vote of thanks to the Rector, which was well received, spoke of the great progress the Choir had made, he having seldom, if ever, met with one in a more inefficient state than the one at Eakring Church was when he first came to us.


Sunday School Festival – The day after the supper and concert followed the Sunday School Festival, on which occasion the usual Service in Church, the Rev T M Macdonald (of Perlethorpe), Chaplain to Earl Manvers, gave an address which the Children are not likely to forget, taking for his text the word ‘Strive’, S Luke xiii 24. We were pleased to see a very fair gathering of parents and friends as well as children at the service.  After Tea in the Parish Room Mrs Cator (of Ollerton) distributed the Prizes, and the Rector read the Report of the Superintendent of S Andrew’s Sunday School (Mr Wilfred Whitworth), by which it appeared that the numbers on the books, at the end of the last year was 40, the number who had been admitted during the previous half year was 3, and one had left.  Four obtained every mark obtainable in the Class registers, and Nine every mark obtainable in the Attendance Register.  After the Children’s parents and friends had also finished their Tea, the usual amusements continued till about 8 o’clock when the Children were dismissed with a bun each.  We hope in our next number to give a list of prize winners.


Present to the new Church of St Dunstan, Derby – Many of our readers will recollect the reading desk, lectern and choir desks and seats which were in use in the Church before it was restored, and will, no doubt, be glad to find that a most suitable destination has been found for them.  The Rev E Hacking, formerly Rector of Eyam, Derbyshire, has now become Vicar of S James Derby and is building a district church in his populous parish to be called S Dunstans.  He has accepted the above with gratitude for his new Church as a present from the Rector and Churchwardens of the Parish Church of Eakring.





Jan 13th William son of Frederick and Sally Hurt (Private)



Jan 19th William Hurt, aged 4 days

Jan 24th John Henry Hurt, aged 7 months


Our Words and Work for Eakring March 1889


Sunday School Prize Winners – in our last months number we gave some account of the Sunday School Festival in January when the Prizes for the last half year of 1888 were given, but we reserved for this month’s number the names of the successful competitors , which we now give.


                                    First Prize                                 Second Prize

Class I                          Joseph Kirkland                       Walter White

                                    Elizabeth White             Mary Ann Burne

Class II                        Edith Burne                              Emily Coupe

Class III                       George Henry Ellis                    Walter Ellis

Class IV                       Ada Louisa White                     Elizabeth Godfrey

Class V                        Alice Drabble                           Mary Broome


Prizes for attendance – the whole School.


First Prize – Joseph Kirkland, George Henry Ellis, William White, Walter White, Walter Ellis, Alice Drabble, Elizabeth White, Ada Louisa White, Mary Broome – the above were all equal with total number obtainable of 108 marks each.


Second Prize – William Henry Godfrey and Elizabeth Godfrey, equal, with 107 marks each.


NB Joseph Kirkland and Elizabeth White (Class 1), Ada Louisa White (Class 4) and Alice Drabble (Class 5) have earned every obtainable mark in the Class books viz 756.


Mr Whitworth made a present to Walter Ellis who has been acting as Bell-ringer at the Sunday School; and the seven Teachers each of them received a present from the Rector.


Our Pupil Teachers – At the Religious Subjects Examination held at Eakring on Saturday December 1st 1888 both our Board School Pupil Teachers passed, Henry Speight having been examined in further year subjects and Herbert Speight in first year subjects.

The former now having completed his time as Pupil Teacher, is seeking an appointment as Assistant Teacher.  We shall be very glad to hear of his obtaining a suitable situation, though his loss will be felt not only in the Board School, but in the Choir and the Sunday School, in both of which he has rendered invaluable help.


Ruridecanal Conference – A Meeting of the Southwell Ruridecanal Conference was held (by the kind permission of the Bishop of Nottingham (Trollope) in the large Hall near the Cathedral at Southwell, on Friday Feb 15th under the presidency of the Rural Dean, the Rector of Eakring, who read an admirable address of the Bishop of Lichfield to his Clergy, on the subject of the Prosecution of the Bishop of Lincoln.

Plans for promoting the efficiency of Sunday Schools were discussed.

Major General Warrand was elected a member of the Diocesan Council and Diocesan Conference in place of the late Sir Arthur Need, and the Rev H Meynell, Vice Provost of Denstone College gave some account of Canon Woodards Scheme for promoting Middle Class Education and the steps which have been taken for the building of a School, with this object in view, to be called S Cuthbert’s College on a site of ground 90 acres in extent, on Sparken Hill just out of Worksop, given by the Duke of Newcastle.


The Season of Lent – The Rev C F G Turner (Assistant Curate of Hoveringham) has kindly undertaken to preach a course of Sermons on the following Wednesdays in Lent viz March 13th, 20th, 27th, April 3rd and 10th, when Evensong will be at 7.30.  The subject he has chosen being ‘The Christians Rule of life’, to be considered as follows:

  1. Faith and Obedience – its motive
  2. Prayer and Worship
  3. Mortification and self denial
  4. Self Examination and Repentance
  5. Holy Communion





Feb 10th, Charles Henry, son of Thomas and Alice Farrow




Our Words and Work for Eakring April 1889


Board School – Examination by Government Inspector – This School was examined on the 5th ult (Shrove Tuesday) by HM Inspector, the Rev C Sewell, assisted by Mr Webster.  There were 84 children present, of whom 81 were examined, 52 in mixed school, and 29 infants.  The Chairman (The Rector) and Mr George Greenfield attended the examination on behalf of the Board.  The following Report (in the main satisfactory) has just been received.


Mixed School – “A very creditable examination was passed, but Reading in the First Standard and Arithmetic in the upper Standards should improve.  English has much improved, except for Grammar in the Fourth Standard.  Maps showed little facility in drawing, but considerable information.  Order, Singing and Needlework are satisfactory.”

Infants Class – “The Infants Class continues to be efficiently taught.”


The percentage of passes in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic was 81 and the highest grant has been earned for Geography, Discipline, English and Needlework.  The two Pupil Teachers Harry and Herbert Speight have each earned the £2 allowed by Government for successfully passing the Examination held at Laxton in October last.  The former has been appointed Assistant Master in St Saviour’s National Schools, Poplar, London, and commenced his duties on Monday the 1st inst.  The Government Grant £54 5s 5d which has been received is £5 9s 8d in excess of last year’s grant and might have been considerably increased had the attendance been more regular.


Vestry Meeting – At a Vestry Meeting held at the Parish Church on the 16th ult Mr Thomas Burne, was reappointed to the Offices of Overseer, Constable and Surveyor of the Highways and to do the Parish Business.  Mr Thomas Cooper was reappointed Guardian of the Poor.


Confirmation at Southwell – On Tuesday the 26th ult a Confirmation was held in the Cathedral Church of Southwell, by the Right Rev Bishop Mitchinson, acting for the Bishop of the Diocese, on which occasion a large number availed themselves of the opportunity of partaking of that Holy ordinance, several of the Villages in the neighbourhood contributing their Contingents of Candidates, and amongst others twelve from the Parish were confirmed, viz 6 males and 6 females.  We earnestly hope that the admirable Address of the Bishop after the ‘Laying on of Hands’ will not be forgotten by any of those present, and especially that those confirmed will lay to heart what he urged upon his hearers as to the connection between Confirmation and Holy Communion, and the imperative duty devolving on those confirmed of being regular Communicants if they would have Spiritual Life strengthened and sustained by fresh and fresh supplies of grace.


Good Friday and Holy Week  - The Season of Lent is more than half past, the most solemn portion of it is near at hand, we would urge upon those who love their Lord and value what he has done for them to avail themselves of the special opportunities which will then be provided in the Parish Church (DV) as in former years, and join in services calculated to impress on those who take part in them the reality and inestimable value of those last Sufferings and that precious Blood-Shedding which were voluntarily undergone to set us free from eternal death and misery.





March 25th, Clara Harriet, daughter of John and Elizabeth Marshall



March 18th, George Butwick Paulson, aged 70 years

Our Words and Work for Eakring May 1889


Easter Decorations and Services – The abundances of Primroses this year made it comparatively easy to decorate the Church, which looked particularly fresh and bright on Easter Day, and did great credit to those who had, as usual, bestowed much care and time in preparing and arranging the decorations.  The Rector was fortunate in having the assistance of an old friend, Rev George Henniker-Gotley in the conduct of the services in the morning and evening, which were very well attended.  In the evening Mr Henniker-Gotley preached to a crowded congregation a stirring sermon which those who heard are not likely soon to forget.

One very satisfactory feature in the services of the day was, that, though the total number of Communicants was not more than we have had before on Easter Day yet the number of those who communicated early was considerably in excess of any previous record in this Parish.  The decorations were kept up and the flowers renewed (as usual) for the following Sunday (Low Sunday) when the congregations were also very good.


Easter Vestry Meeting – At the Easter Vestry Meeting held on Friday April 26th, Mr John Hurt and Mr Thomas Burne were reappointed Churchwardens.  The Rector nominating Mr John Hurt and Mr Thomas Burne being re-elected for the Parish.


Entertainment at Board School  - Tuesday in Easter Week was a day which had, no doubt, been looked forward to for many a day and week before, not only by the Children attending the Board School, but also by Parents; indeed the interest taken in what has become an annual event was evident from the crowded state of the School Room, where an Entertainment was given in which the children acquitted themselves in a manner which did very great credit to those under whose tuition and training they have been.  The Songs, Rounds and Recitations in the Programme having come to an end, the Chairman of the Board (The Rector) presented to the successful Candidates the Prizes given by himself, the Schoolmaster and Mrs Speight for the School year ending February 28th of this year.

Of these the Chairman gave the following, viz: 8 for good attendance; 3 for Fortnightly Examination Marks; 1 for Needlework (a Work Box) which was won by Mary Ann Burne, also a Paint Box to the Pupil Teacher, Herbert Speight, as a present.

Mr Speight (Schoolmaster) gave Prizes for the highest marks in each of Six Standards at the Fortnightly Examinations; and 1 for the Infants, also for the best in each Standard in the Geography Examination; also two Good Conduct Prizes, one for Girls and the other for Boys.

Also 7 for those who have not received any other Prize, and who have made 400 Attendances or over.

It is worthy of notice as shewing what may be done, that one child Elizabeth Robinson, has never missed School for three years!  Two children Jessie Walker and John William Walker have never missed for two years; and three children Arthur Walker, Walter Broome and Ada Louisa White have never missed this last year.

Mrs Speight gave this year two prizes for Needlework; Annie Palin and Elizabeth White being equal, and each receiving a Silver Thimble.

After the distribution of the prizes, 27 of the Scholars received the School Board’s Illuminated Certificate for passing in all the three subjects Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. A dialogue in character entitled “Love, Honour and Obey’ concluded the Children’s Performances.  And address was given at the commencement by the Chairman and a Vote of Thanks was moved by Mr Henniker-Gotley at the conclusion, to those who had provided the Entertainment for the audience who heartily endorsed the motion and at length the proceedings of the Evening, which appeared to thoroughly entered into by all present, were brought to a close by singing the National Anthem.  Before the Audience left the room, a collection was made on behalf of the Church Teachers Widow and Orphan Fund, the result being that £1 8s has been sent to the Secretary of that very excellent Charity.


Our Words and Work for Eakring June 1889


Adjourned Vestry Meeting – The Easter Vestry Meeting was adjourned to Thursday 9th ult when the Church Accounts, as well as the Commons Accounts were examined and approved for the past year.  As will be seen by the Balance Sheets at the end of this month’s magazine, the Church Offertory Account shows a balance of £14 0 8¾d in hand, which, however, will not suffice to pay off the debt on the Church Rate Account amounting to £25 5s 2d.


An effort will have to be made during the ensuing year to practice as strict economy as possible in regard to the expenses of the Church to make two ends meet, and an effort must be made to maintain to the full extent the amount raised last year by the offertory, as we shall this year be entirely dependent on it, no Church Rate having been made.


Provident Club Anniversary -  The weather this year was propitious on the occasion of our Provident Club Anniversary, Tuesday the 21st ult. After the usual business of the Annual Meeting had been transacted, the Members attended service at the Parish Church, where an excellent Address was delivered by the Rev C E Jarvis, Rector of Hatton, near Wragby in Lincolnshire, founded on 1 Tim v8.  The Church was very full and the Service hearty.  Before and after Service the Members of the Club, headed by the Band (the Calverton Brass Band being the one engaged this year) paraded the Village; and after the usual substantial knife-and-fork Tea in the Board School had been done justice to, the centre of attraction was Mr Palmer’s grass field, kindly lent, as on former occasions for the Athletic Sports, the amusements of the day being wound up with dancing on the green sward.  It is with much pleasure that we are able to state that the Club continues still to be in a flourishing condition, young and healthy recruits being added to its ranks from time to time, the total number on the Roll of Membership being at the present time, we believe, about one hundred.  It is a source of much regret to Mr Dowle that he was prevented this year by a severe attack of neuralgia from joining us on our ‘Anniversary Tuesday’: and we feel sure that that regret was shared by all connected with the Club who know how much it is indebted for its existence and continued prosperity to him.


We would venture to suggested that more business like arrangements on the part of those chiefly concerned would help to make ‘The Sports’ more attractive, and the financial result more satisfactory.





May 12th Lily, daughter of John and Ellen Cragg

May 12th William Henry, son of George Henry and Elizabeth Holah of Nottingham

May 22nd Charles, son of John and Elizabeth Marshall



May 21st Arthur Bowring and Lucy Cragg



May 4th Charlotte Johnson aged 78 years

May 10th Mary Rose aged 63 years

May 23rd Catherine Rooth aged 93 years

Our Words and Work for Eakring July 1889


Presentation to our Late Pupil Teacher – The Schoolmaster’s son, Harry, our late Pupil Teacher at the Board School, being at home for a week’s holiday at Whitsuntide, the opportunity was taken of presenting him with a Silver Half-Hunter Watch in token of the esteem and affection which he has won from the Scholars and their Parents both of the Sunday and Day School, and also from the members of the Choir and other friends who very willingly contributed their share of the cost.


The presentation took place in the Board School on Thursday in Whitsunweek, 13th ult., in the presence of some of the scholars and a few friends.  The Rector on behalf of the Subscribers to the Testimonial, presented the watch to Harry Speight who made a suitable reply, in the course of which he referred to the beautiful present as a memento of the three and a half years of his life so pleasantly spent amongst us and expressed very feelingly the debt of gratitude he owed to the Rector and Mr Wilfred Whitworth.


Mr Speight the Master of the Board School, also made a few appropriate remarks, thanking the subscribers and friends of the kindness he and his family had received during their three and a half years residence amongst them.  Many of our readers will be interested to know that our friend Harry Speight is now in a very responsible position in a large school at Barking near London, in which he holds the office of Assistant Master, having the charge of a hundred children, in the teaching of whom he has the assistance of a Pupil Teacher.  He will, we feel sure, be strengthened and encouraged in the discharge of his duties if he can be assured of the prayers and sympathies of his friends.


Diocesan Synod – On Thursday the 27th inst., a large and important gathering of Clergy assembled from all parts of the Diocese in the Cathedral at Southwell, the Bishop having summoned this, the Second Synod that has been held since the formation of the new Diocese to consider certain resolutions adopted by the Bishops in communion with our Church, from various parts of the world, assembled in Conference at Lambeth last year.  The following were the subjects thus commended to the Synod for consideration:- The importance of the work carried on by Temperance Societies; the need of similar organisations for the promotion of purity; The subject of Divorce; Commendatory Letters to intending Emigrants; Basis for approach towards Home Reunion; Means recommended for promoting Reunion with other Christian Communions.  The Bishop took the opportunity of this gathering to announce his intention of applying to the Queen for the appointment of a Suffragan Bishop.


Since then it has been announced that the Queen has signified her consent to the Appointment of the Rev Canon Were, Vicar of S. Werburgh, Derby and Chaplain to the Bishop of Southwell, as Bishop Suffragan of Derby.


Juvenile Cricket Club – We congratulate our young friends on the victory gained by them in the match lately played with the Wellow Juvenile Team on the Wellow Ground, in which Eakring scored 81 runs against their opponents 49; Herbert Speight specially distinguishing himself and scoring 25 runs.  It may be mentioned that Herbert Burne, has, this season, been elected Captain and Herbert Speight Secretary of the Eakring Juvenile Cricket Club.





June 9th Tom, son of Thomas and Ann Marshall



June 8th Mary Broome aged 28 years

Our Words and Work for Eakring August 1889


Diocesan Inspector’s Visit – The Annual Examination in religious knowledge of the children attending the Board School, took place on Tuesday 2nd ult., being conducted, as on former occasions, by the Rev R H Whitworth, Vicar of Blidworth and Honorary Diocesan Inspector for the Rural Deanery of Southwell.  The attendance was not good, and some from whom most might have been expected, were among the absentees.  Unfortunately the day fixed for the Examination this year fell at an inconvenient time, when many children were busy with their parents or others in the hayfield.  The children in the second division distinguished themselves most obtaining ‘very good’ for the following subjects – Old and New Testament, Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments and Repetition of Scripture.  The little ones in the first division also obtained ‘very good’ for Repetition of Scripture.  The following were the Inspector’s remarks in concluding the report: “Owing to haymaking the attendance on the day of Examination was comparatively small and the result was visible in the Examination.  The elder infants answered very well indeed.  The children were neat and clean, and appear to be under fairly good discipline.”


Choral Festival at Southwell – Our Choir and friends attended, as usual, the Annual Festival of the Notts Choral Union in Southwell Cathedral on Thursday 14th ult., the Sermon at Evensong being preached by the Right Rev Bishop Mitchinson, who gave some excellent advice to Members of Choirs, which, we hope, will not be forgotten.  The weather was all that could be desired, and we believe the day’s outing was thoroughly enjoyed by all who joined in it, whether Members of the Choir or not, in spite of the want of novelty in the case of most of the party.


Flower Service – On the Second Sunday in last month (14th ult) the usual collections were made on behalf of Newark Hospital, which amounted this year to £2 10s.  In the evening was held our Annual Flower Service, on which occasion an excellent Sermon was preached by our old friend Rev G Henniker-Gotley, assistant curate, S. Peter’s-in-the-East, Oxford, the church being crowded.  The bouquets of flowers offered by the children and arranged, as usual, on either side of the altar, manifested in most cases considerable care and taste in the way in which they were tied together.  The next day they were taken to the Southwell Union by the Rector, who shortly afterwards received from the Clerk of the Union a communication conveying a vote of thanks passed by the Board of Guardians for the said gift of flowers.  It must surely be a source of very great gratification to all who contributed those flowers, to feel how much pleasure and enjoyment that have been the means thereby of affording to their poorer, and in many cases, afflicted brethren and sisters in the Union House at Southwell.  Nor are the Annual Collections less valued by those who have the responsibility of maintaining in an efficient condition so useful an Institution as the Newark Hospital.

Our Words and Work for Eakring September 1889


Sunday School Festival – Our Summer Sunday School Festival was held on Tuesday 6th ult., when the Rev H M Holden, Vicar of Caunton, gave a suitable address in the Parish Church on the subject of our Lord’s Transfiguration.  Mrs Cator kindly distributed the prizes after Tea in the Parish Room to the successful competitors, of whom there were a great many on this occasion, no less than twenty obtained first prize for attendance, not having missed a single time during the past half year.  Seven also in the first class obtained the first prize for good conduct and lessons, having gained full marks.  In addition to the prizes obtained by the children in the various classes of the School, each teacher received a present from the Rector.


The rest of the evening was spent in amusements of various kinds in a grass field of Mr Burne’s kindly lent for the purpose; the chief feature in which was a Cricket Match between the Juniors of Farnsfield and Eakring, the latter winning by 36 runs.  The amusements were interrupted for a short time by a sharp shower of rain, but on the whole the weather during the day was propitious and all present seemed thoroughly to enter into the spirit of the day.


Harvest Commencement Service – Following the precedent of last year an invitation was given by the Rector to the Parishioners to join in a Special Service on Tuesday 13th ult., at 5.30am to ask God’s Blessing on the labours of Harvest then about to commence.  The number who attended at that early hour of the morning showed how much a service of this kind is appreciated in the Parish, as many again being present this year as there were last year.


The Late Mr John Hurt – As will be seen by the extracts from the Registers, the Parish has been deprived of one of its Churchwardens by the death of Mr John Hurt.  A familiar figure has been thus removed from our midst, and one who will in many ways be much missed, for probably no one had a better knowledge of the Parish than he had, though latterly signs of failing strength and vigour had begun to manifest themselves some time before he took to his bed in his last illness.  Besides holding for many years in succession the office of Churchwarden, he has also been a member of the School Board from its commencement to the close of his life, having been elected Chairman on the death of the late Rector, an important office which he held till quite recently.  Thus by his death another vacancy has been caused on the Board.


Board School – The Board School broke up for harvest holidays on Friday 9th ult., we would remind the Parents and all concerned that Monday 16th inst is the day for the opening of the School again.  We earnestly hope that all employers of labour, as well as the parents, will bear in mind how much they may assist in promoting the efficiency of the School and the increase of Government Grant, and the efforts to this end of the Board and the Schoolmaster by doing all in their power to prevent any children being unnecessarily kept from regular attendance at School.





August 11th, Edith, daughter of Ralph Fretwell and Elizabeth Foster (of Newark)

August 11th, Elsie Maud, daughter of Carlos and Mary Dodsworth (of Mansfield)



August 12th, John Hurt, Churchwarden, aged 78 years

August 28th, Samuel Moody, aged 82 years

Our Words and Work for Eakring October 1889


School Board – Since the Triennial Election there have occurred two by-elections and both of them very recently.  In the first instance Mr Hallam wishing to retire from the Board, Mr George Teather was elected in his place at a Special Meeting of the Board, Monday July 22nd last; and in the other case a vacancy was caused, as was noticed in last month’s Magazine, by the death of Mr John Hurt; Mr George Mettham, Miller and Farmer, being in this case elected to fill the vacancy at a Meeting of the Board, Monday 16th ult.


The opening of the School after Harvest holidays was postponed till Monday 23rd ult., owing to the number of children still employed in various ways in connection with harvest operations, but now the School is in full working order, and we trust that our remarks last month on the subject of attendance will not be forgotten either by Parents or Employers.


Southwell Deanery Church Restoration Society – In response to an invitation of Canon and Mrs Trebeck, a large number of the Clergy and Laity of the Deanery assembled in the newly restored Hall of the Old Archbishop’s Palace at Southwell, to take part in a gathering partly of a social and partly of a business character.  Naturally business came first – the Bishop of the Diocese, who attended at considerable inconvenience to himself, took the Chair, and expressed in the warmest manner his appreciation of the way in which this Deanery alone had begun to carry out a suggestion that he threw out at his Visitation, that Associations should be formed in the different Deaneries to club together to help Churches most in need of restoration.  According to Secretary’s (Rev R A McKee’s) Report it appeared that £76 had already been collected, scarcely any Parish in the Deanery having declined to have a collection; and that the Church of Rolleston at present was deemed by the Committee to be in most urgent need of help.  Resolutions were passed by the Meeting accepting the Principles on which the Society acts; and commending it as worthy of support.  Rev J J Merry, Vicar of Rolleston, gave some explanation of the Restoration of the Tower of that Church, which is being underpinned and otherwise restored by Messrs Smith and Lunn, and also of what is further proposed to be done, if Funds are forthcoming.  After the meeting was ended, Canon Trebeck’s guests were hospitably entertained to tea at the Rectory.  Our Eakring friends will remember that we had a collection for this Society at our last Dedication Festival, and we must hope to be able to do the same this year.


Cricket Match at Farnsfield – It will be remembers that at our Sunday School festival, August 6th, a Cricket Match was played between Juniors of Farnsfield and Juniors of Eakring, in which the latter came off victorious; the Return Match was played ay Farnsfield on Saturday 28th ult., when at the close of a keen contest, Farnsfield gained the day, but only by three runs.


Night School – We should remind our younger friends that now that the evenings draw in so soon and winter is fast approaching, no opportunity should be lost of self improvement in the way of reading or learning. Mr Whitworth again offers to help those who are willing to learn by having a Night School, at the house where he lives, three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, commencing next Monday week, October 14th at 7.30pm.





Sept 8th, Frances Eveline, daughter of James and Jane Tarr

Our Words and Work for Eakring November 1889


Harvest Festival – Eakring seems to be have been particularly favoured this year in respect of the weather both for hay time and the corn harvest, for, judging from the accounts we have heard and read in the papers of other neighbourhoods, the crops in some places were considerably damaged by storms, from which we were free.  All the more cause, therefore, there was this year for a public expression by hearty services in God’s House of our sincere thanks for His goodness, and for His answer to our united supplications at the commencement of Harvest.  The numbers who flocked to the services on Tuesday (8th ult) and the following Sunday bore testimony to the readiness of the people to testify in such an appropriate manner the feeling of gratitude which they entertained.  The same loving care which has now for so many years been bestowed on the adornment of the Sanctuary was not wanting on this occasion, when the general aspect of the decorations was in no way inferior to other years, but it would be invidious to single out any particular parts for commendation.  The services were rendered heartily and a useful and practical sermon was preached on the Tuesday by the Rev H L Williams, Vicar of Bleasby, who took for his text St John xii 24.  The collections on the Tuesday and Sunday following, which were for Church Expenses, amounted in all to £5 2s 0d – more than we ever recollect on a similar occasion.


Diocesan Conference – Tuesday and Wednesday in the week following our Harvest Festival (October 15th and 16th) were the days  fixed for the meetings of the Diocesan Conference at Nottingham, the subjects of discussion at which were, many of them, this year very interesting, and bearing on some of the difficult problems of the day.  We were glad to see the Bishop in full vigour, and apparently restored to his usual health again.  We trust that in future the Lay Members of the Conference will put in an appearance in larger numbers, and thus give proof of the lively interest they take in all that concerns the best interest of the Church of which they are members, and not allow the Clergy so far to outnumber them at the Conference, as was conspicuously evident this year, and generally has been in other years, notwithstanding that the number of Lay representatives elected considerably outnumbers that of the clergy.  The large room at the Mechanics Institute was crowded in the evening when the public were invited, and listened most attentively to very able addresses from the Bishop of Southwell and Bishop Mitchinson.


Girls Friendly Society – On Monday 21st ult., a visit was paid to Eakring by Miss Glaister, Miss Wardale (daughter of the late Rector and GFS Secretary for this Diocese) and Miss Wilkins (of Farnsfield) who at a meeting of those for whom the Society has a special interest, explained the principles and special benefits of it.  Special stress was laid upon the far extending influence and ramifications of this Society, branches of it having been formed not only in England, but in our Colonies almost all over the world; and the benefits were pointed out which girls and young women derive from joining it who are at a distance from home and exposed to many temptations and dangers, and often without the friendly advice and safeguards which they would gladly avail themselves of if within easy access.  It may be added that Mrs Marshall (of Leyfields) has been elected an Associate, and all who seek for information about the Society, or wish to join, should apply to her.

Our Words and Work for Eakring December 1889


Church of England Temperance Society – Those who realise the importance of the work in which this Society is engaged will be glad to know that the Archdeaconry of Nottingham Branch of it is now not only free from debt, but in a position once more to prosecute actively this cause in this part of the Southwell Diocese.  The Rev J Holroyde, Vicar of Stapleford, who has recently been appointed Organising Secretary, paid a visit to Eakring on Thursday the 7th ult., when he attended first a Band of Hope Tea at five o’clock, after which he gave a suitable address, showing the importance of the young being so trained as not to need that which had proved the ruin of so many.  Afterwards at a General Meeting at 7.30pm, he gave a very interesting and earnest address.  Both meetings were held in the Rector’s Parish Room, which was well filled in the evening with an attentive audience.  We hope that another Temperance Meeting will be held after Christmas and that some practical results will follow from these efforts in this cause.


Sewing Class – The Rector has taken advantage of his sister-in-law (Mrs Cator) staying in the village to start a Sewing Class, which he hopes may prove useful in the Parish as it has done in many others, in affording an opportunity of pleasant gatherings, and work together for objects of charity in places where great poverty exists.


Dedication Festival – Notwithstanding that S Andrew’s Day this year fell on a Saturday, yet the numbers at our Evensong showed the continued interest which is taken now in the parish in our Annual Dedication Festival, though it is to be much desired that more would avail themselves of the early celebration, which we feel to be an essential accompaniment of such an anniversary.  The preacher this year was the Rev Canon Trebeck, Rector of Southwell and Sub-Dean, who preached an earnest and appropriate sermon, taking as his text the words “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled’ S. Matt V 6.


Facts and Figures in connection with the Restoration of the Church – Now that the restoration of the Parish Church can be regarded as an historical feat, it may be interesting to some who had a share in the work to have set clearly before them the chief component parts of that large sum of £1,925, which during the period of 1880-1883 was raised and expended on that work.  Mr Skin, who acted jointly with the Rector as treasurer of that fund, has with very great care made out a final statement of the account, which has been deposited by the Rector in the iron chest of the Parish Church.  At the end of this month’s magazine will be found a balance sheet summarised from Mr Skin’s account, which will show how many contributed to the work, what various sums were contributed, and in how many different ways the various sums were collected.





Nov 18th Florence Gertrude, daughter of John and Mary Garland (private)

Nov 28th George, son of John Johnson and Ann Kirk



Nov 28th Elizabeth Rowland, aged 70 years

The Treasurers in Account with the





To Contributions

£   s   d

£   s   d

One at

621   5   0

621   5   0

One at

300   0   0

300   0   0

One at

100   0   0

100   0   0

One at

20   0   0

20   0   0

Two at

12   0   0

24   0   0

Four at

10   0   0

40   0   0

Two at

6   0   0

12   0   0

Four at

5   5   0

21   0   0

Seven at

5   0   0

35   0   0

One at

3   3   0

3   3   0

Six at

3   0   0

18   0   0

One at

2   5   0

2   5   0

Four at

2   2   0

8   8   0

Eight at

2   0   0

16   0    0

One at

1   10   0

1   10   0

One at

1   9   11

1   9   11

Six at

1   1   0

6   6   0

Fifteen at

1   0   0

15   0   0

One at

0   15   6

0   15   6

Nine at

0   10   0

4   10   0

One at

0   6   0

0   6   0

Seven at

0   5   0

1   15   0

One at

0   2   6

0   2   6

Four at

0   2   0

0   8   0

Collected by 30 friends at Eakring & Elsewhere

40   15   6

40   15   6

Church Building Society Grant

40   0   0

40   0   0

Sale of Old Lead &c

20   9   0

20   9   0


8   2   6

8   2   6

Collecting Box in Church

2   1   0

2   1   0

Offertory Collections (Eakring)

89   2  

89   2  

Offertory Collections (East Hardwick)

3   4   6

3   4   6

Deficiency made up by the Rector


468   6  



£1,925   5   1





£   s   d

Amount of Contract and Extras

1,688   0   8

Faculty for the Restoration of the Church

3   8   6

Licence for holding Service in Parish Room

2   2   0

Clerk of the Works

94   2   11

Architect, Commission &c

95   0   0

Lamps, Door Mats and Hassocks

26   5   6


1   15   6

Wheels for bells, and partition between chancel and vestry

14   8   0

Cheque Book

0   2   0


£1, 925   5   1


(Signed) W. LUMLEY B. CATOR (Rector)